seo optimization

Every project at Fractas is strongly analyzed, structured and driven by an industry-standard set of tools and self developed techniques.
This provides us with the most comprehensive approach to any project which is equally lightweight, transparent and full of features.

  • We plan projects relevant to you and your target audience
  • We guide you through every step of the project in an easy and straightforward way
  • No hidden costs or surprises - requirements, dependencies, relations and prices of every phase of the project are defined before the development phase
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Project stages

  • In-depth analysis of your current website, as well as your competition and industry
  • Identification and utilization of your target audience's interests and needs
  • Definition of scope, goals, milestones and information architecture
  • Development of architecture, specific features, calls to action etc.
  • Testing and deployment
  • Maintenance

Optimization of poorly developed website

With the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets it's essential to create a website with a strong impact that performs well on those devices. Poorly planned and developed websites will under-perform and transform browsing your content into a negative experience.

Recent studies show you have only 8 seconds to grab users attention and create engagement. With such limited time, it’s crucial you make those changes and hold onto those potential customers. By not adapting, you could end up doing more harm than good.


How can we help you optimize website?

70% of users will leave a website after 8 seconds if it still hasn’t loaded - so you see the significance of a mobile-friendly site! That’s not all - Google's new search algorithms rank pages depending on the page speed results, so slower loading websites get thumbs down from Google.

What we can do: 

  • Analyze current website/application
  • Find bottlenecks and errors
  • Offer solutions to fix bottlenecks and errors
    • reduce number of http requests
    • minify css, javascript and html
    • combine css, javascript and html
    • reduce file-size of images through optimization
    • cache website pages
    • optimize server
    • use CDN
  • Test improvements on real devices and simulators
  • Deploy new changes