Support and Maintenance of web projects

Secure, up-to-date and fully functional websites don’t just appear as if by magic.

It's a thought-out process of well structured and planned multi-level engagement which is crucial for any modern website, web service or e-commerce solution.


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Silverstripe CMS maintenance and support

Continuous monitoring and periodical stress tests in production environments

Regular system upgrades, security fixes and backup

Monitoring statistics and optimization of system bottlenecks

Developing of new and improving existing functions

Monitoring and improving the usability of features of your web page

Maintenance of already existing website?

You already own an existing (outdated) website and you’re ready for a digital makeover? We can certainly help! Together we can develop a brand new website reshaping your old content and ensure it’s reformatted to the current standards.

We will delve under the hood and analyze your current website: information design, code and specific features, your CMS, database shape and upgrade possibilities. You will get the complete list of changes that can be implemented in order to make your website/application perform and look a whole lot better and equally slash the development time and costs of building from scratch.


Why maintenance?

Nowadays cyber security has become a common everyday issue which needs to be taken seriously. Even security breaches on industry standard technologies and frameworks can be found on a daily basis. The security of user data and up-time is a priority which is why maintenance should be an essential element of every project.

Technologies change on a rapidly mighty scale and constant optimizations and adaptations of current scripts and code can really make a big difference. These kinds of optimizations often decrease the footprint of your application in terms of bandwidth and utilization of processor and system memory which, in the end, leads to lower costs and more profit.

Web hosting

Plus hosting

Our long-lasting partner, Plus hosting, is one of the best and biggest hosting providers in Croatia. We’ve been working with them for more than 10 years and we simply love them.
They have multiple options and configuration for almost every project imaginable depending on the scale and complexity. Stability, security and support are their best selling points and a fabulous crew of system administrators take care of hundreds of servers and thousands of websites and applications.

They have always been there to save the day and we’re sure they will be there for you!