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As the growth of the mobile and tablet market rapidly continues to move forward - so should you. If your website isn’t ready for mobile visitors then you’re missing out - big time.

Here at Fractas we love a responsive approach as most of our websites are responsive in nature.

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Perfect Performance

With extensive testing and optimization every single website is tailored to perform perfectly on a wide variety of devices and screen resolutions

Bootstrap Framework

100% of our responsive websites are built on the powerful Bootstrap framework which we specially optimize for maximum performance

Ready for Future

Constant monitoring and support with regular updates of core technologies and frameworks will make your website ready for future demand

Why should I make my website responsive?

With the expanding market of mobile phones and tablets and their increasing share of internet traffic, a fresh approach of website development philosophy was born: RWD (Responsive Website Development). Responsive simply means the website adapts to the user’s device.

Customer expectations are growing. Potential customers won’t think twice about leaving your site for an alternative that displays nicely on their mobile devices. Keep your potential customers and meet their expectations with a responsive site.

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Benefits of Responsive Web Design

One website - One content - Multiple devices

  • There’s no need to create various types of content adapted to different devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone, TV, eBook reader) 1
  • The same content on all devices supports better ranking on various search engines (Google recommends using RWD for better SEO) 2
  • The expenses and development time are cut significantly 3
  • An increase in page speeds and better user experience 4