About project:

Plus Hosting is the largest Croatian web hosting provider with a large number of both local and international clients.
The existing website was technologically outdated and needed refreshment in the form of redesign and front-end & back-end technologies.


The challenges:

The challenge was to reconcile the old website with a new design according to the client's wishes including new content and to maintain functionality of user accounts and ordering (the basket).

The next challenge was to adapt the CMS to the new functionalities requested by the client.


The solution:

We opted for SilverStripe and elements that provide ease to use CMS and quick changes to the content and order of sections on the page.
A redesign of the entire website was made with the revised structure of sitetree and new content. Attention was paid to responsive design so that the redesign suits tablets and mobile phones.

We needed to produce all of the functionalities of CMS management (back-end) and user-experience (front-end).

We used the element / widget module and focused on creating elements with custom functionalities according to the client's needs. We can point out testimonials that we developed for the needs of the client.

Special features that we developed and implemented are:

  • Custom elements/sections
  • Automation of Content manipulation
  • Advanced control of CMS users and roles
  • Advanced Image manipulation and processing
  • Connecting with user account
  • Connecting with ordering products / services
  • Customized contact form with upload field