Service retainers

We know that managing an digital projects is ongoing and time-consuming job, that is why we can offer you retainers - a predetermined amount of hours in which you can use those hours in any way you like using our services.

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All our retainer options include:

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Private Git repository

Read access for you and your team to check our progress

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Private channel on our Mattermost app

For easier and faster communications between our teams

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Customer support desk

Our team is at your disposal looking forward to solve your problems

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Staging servers and infrastructure

An exact-like copy of your production project for testing purposes

As an option we can offer you:

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SilverStripe hosting

Use our SilverStripe optimized servers for hosting your projects

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Automatic deployment

To your production servers

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  • Budgets

    Large organizations plan consumption on an annual basis to ensure sufficient funds throughout the year. In the digital industry, a major problem is to predict the volume of work for the whole year at the beginning of the year.

    By using agile project methodologies, we respond to changes instead of strictly pre-defined plan. When you know that you will invest in your project but are unsure of what exactly, retainer allows you to reserve a certain amount of work to ensure for any tasks or requirements that you will at some point need.

  • prioritization


    By submitting to us in the form of retainer, we are handed over to you. From our point of view, knowing how much time is reserved in advance for the client is necessary to provide the required human resources and a high level of service.

    Agreeing to our retainer, you provide yourself a part of our time each month. We provide human resources in return and give priority to solving claims, as compared to clients who do not have a contracted retainer.

    In short, if you are looking for a permanent, quick responses to requests for support, upgrading and development of new functionalities, handing the retainer, you know you have a team that is committed to you and ready to respond to your requests.

  • A dedicated team

    Retainer is more than a certain block of hours you have available each month. You basically engage a team that will be available for support and upgrades.

    This dedicated team knows your project, the direction it is going to and the issues to be avoided. The dedicated team provides quick reactions, lesser possibility of mistakes as well as close, positive business relationship.

    We are therefore becoming a valuable part of your team, helping you achieve your goals.

    dedicated team
  • strategic management

    Strategic Management

    Some clients are concerned about the uncertainty that there will be enough need to take advantage of all hours, ie investment in needs that are not yet fully known. According to our experience, this concern is unjustified, because needs are always created - some are expected, some are not.

    Our approach to retainers is not just sitting and waiting for your request. Our partnership model means we are constantly thinking and suggesting new opportunities to enhance your digital experience, analyze digital trends, and provide guidance on how your project needs to be adapted and developed.

    Our wide range of services covers usability tests, user data analysis, and recognition of trends and areas for improvement.

    Retainer gives us the ability to always stay focused on your project. Each upgrade will not have to go through administrative procedures (ordering, bidding, bid approval, contract, upgrade scope ...).

  • Continuous development

    The project is never "finished". Decisions made at an early stage of the project are good at a given time, but changing technology, user behavior and market conditions today do not create sufficient value as at the beginning.

    Your project should not stand while the world is turning to new market requirements. Retainer allows you to invest resources in continuous evaluation and improvement so your project will continually develop and improve and respond to your needs.

    continuous development