Forbes is the largest, oldest and most relevant business magazine in the world. Since there was no official Croatian Forbes website, we were asked to make one.


About project

Forbes as a world leader in business information has very specific demographics and strict design guidelines worldwide which had to be adapted to Croatian audience and specific needs of the licensor. As there were no previous web versions of the site, huge amount of previous printed content had to be uploaded to the new web prior to launch. All those requests implied additional focus on the backend (CMS) side with special emphasis to speed of content insertion, ease of editing and complex image manipulation.


What have we done

We have been given design concept and we needed to produce all of the functionalities of CMS management (back-end) and user-experience (front-end).

Some of the special features implemented just for this project are:

  • Advanced caching controls
  • Images Versioning
  • CDN implementation
  • RSS Atom implementation
  • Advanced image processing
  • Content shortcodes and templates
  • Advanced search form
  • Social sharing
  • Advertising features
  • Advanced Content manipulation tools and automatism
  • Stock exchange API
  • Membership and users roles
  • Integration of third-party multimedia libraries



Whole project was finished in less than two months time from initial negotiation to finished product which, considering the amount of the content, number of editors and contributors and total scope of the project, became a new benchmark for speed and efficiency in development and project management.

Our solutions proved that robust, fast and scalable projects do not necessarily imply months of planning, development and fine tuning if built upon experience, expertise and good foundations.



Sad of July, 2016. is down due to expiration of license.

Project is offline