OK! is the largest, oldest and most relevant teen magazine in Croatia. For the 20th anniversary of the first issue they asked us to make completely new web site tailored for the new teen generations.


About project

Since OK has large community of users, it was important to keep those users by giving them something they can relate to. That is why the website is following print “look and feel” with recognisable color and fonts scheme as well as with the content relevant to print issues.
As majority of users were going to consume the content on their mobile devices whole web was designed with “mobile first design approach” in the terms of responsiveness, usability and speed.


What have we done

We have been given design concept and we needed to produce all of the functionalities of CMS management (back-end) and user-experience (front-end).

Some of the special features implemented just for this project are:

  • Surveys and Polls
  • Advanced caching controls
  • Images Versioning
  • CDN implementation
  • RSS Atom implementation
  • Advanced image processing
  • Content shortcodes and templates
  • Advanced search form
  • Social sharing
  • Advertising features