html5 css3

HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is web standard markup language for displaying information (texts, images, videos) on users browsers. HTML5 is new standard in which is introduced specific new tag for multimedia (like video, audio, picture etc.) what helps new browsers to better understand structure of your website.

CSS or Cascade Style Sheet is language that defines and styles HTML elements. By introduce of CSS3 there has been given opportunity to display more animations, transitions and transforms like in Flash but much simpler and lighter for browsers to process.

We at Fractas have great knowledge of HTML and CSS and we use it every day in many variations. Without HTML and CSS it's impossible to achieve beautiful and useful websites and applications.


With HTML and CSS we can do:

  • development of static web pages
  • development of email newsletters
  • development of custom applications (desktops and mobile - hybrid (HTML5))
  • usage of framework in development (such as Bootstrap or 960grid)
  • LESS and SASS
  • Javascript and jQuery implementations


We can assure:

  • great and valid code by standards (W3C)
  • optimized and minimized code for faster page speeds
  • cross-browser compatibility (even IE7 or IE8 if you really need it)
  • multiple devices options (responsive website development)