JavaScript plays big role in web and application development because it is used in creating users interaction with websites or applications. Development of JavaScript and it's frameworks has grown exponentially so today we have JavaScript frameworks that extends HTML like Angular.js , Ajax that fetches date by request, JSON that stores human readable data and jQuery one of the most popular library's.


JavaScript frameworks and librarys that we use:

jQuery - by far most famous JavaScript library that combines multiple user-interactions in one compact library used with combination of HTML and CSS gives great interactions.

Ajax - asynchronously fetches data from server-side to client-side without interfering with display and behavior of the existing page that user is currently on.

JSON or JavaScript Object Notation - commonly used to transmit human readable data from server-side and client-side.

AngularJS - developed by Google it is power tool for extending HTML vocabulary.



How do we use JavaScript?

Depending on project and it's needs we decide which JavaScript framework or library is best choice. Usually in case of website development we use jQuery, Ajax and JSON, but for more complex applications we use Angular.

Doesn't matter which framework we choose we tailor it to your needs and because we like clean code and fast website you get highly customized and minimized JavaScript code in return.